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July 15, 2015

Any other year, I would have been enthusiastically clicking the refresh button to get in on the new deals offered every ten minutes by Amazon Prime Day. I have always loved Black Friday shopping, and I can’t resist a good deal on quality items. We are on such a tight budget right now, I really can’t justify the expense of any “deals” no matter how much money I would be saving.

Especially since we pledged as a family to get rid of half of our stuff by the end of the year, it would be a bit ridiculous to spend money on items just because they’re on sale. I might consider looking at the deals if there was something that we actually needed right now.  As it is, I would just be tempted to spend money we don’t really have on items we don’t really need. 

When preparing for big deal days, I ask three questions before participating

Have I been waiting for an item to go on sale?

Especially for days like today and other big events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I will have been planning well in advance for a very particular item. We bought our dishwasher on Black Friday one year and saved ourselves about $200 dollars. If there is something we need, we will have a game plan for pouncing as soon as it goes on sale. 

How good is the deal?  

If we truly need an item, we will keep watch over the prices as they fluctuate throughout the year. By knowing the different price mark-ups, we know if we are actually getting a good deal. We can tell if the item we want had a 25% markup a month prior to the deal day. Instead just so that they can claim it’s now 75% off, when really we would only save 50%. 

Have I been saving for that particular item? 

If it’s something we need, then chances are we will have had some money put away to put towards it once it goes on sale. There isn’t anything that we have money set aside for right now. Since we haven’t been saving for a particular item, we don’t have the money readily available for any of the big deals today on Prime day. 

We don’t need any more clutter 

Some of the products might be nice to indulge in, but anything we could afford today would just be more of what we’re trying to get rid of: clutter. Not only are we trying our hardest to thin out our closets, empty our basement, and get ready for a yard sale, but we have some big expenses coming up that we really need to set our money aside for instead. Maybe next year I will be able to get excited for something I truly need and want to go on sale. Until then, I am going to keep focusing on saving money and getting rid of my clutter. 

Are you participating in Prime Day? Have you been waiting for any big ticket items to go on sale?

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