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My writing topics include, but are not limited to, personal and family finances, budgeting, frugal living, self-reliance/DIY, organic living, gardening, and minimalism. For samples of my recent articles, please follow any of the links below. 

Budgeting and Personal Finance:

How to Use a Roth IRA as a College Savings Account 

Why Money Envy Can Be a Good Thing

Careers that Offer Student Loan Forgiveness

3 Reasons Millennials Should Invest in Dividend Stocks

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Bucket List until Retirement

Are You Financially Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Best Mobile Apps for Saving and Earning Money on Everyday Purchases

Does it Cost $250,000 to raise a child?


5 Reasons Saving for Retirement is a lot Like Eating Kale 


Do You Have a Financially Fit Marriage?

What My Daughter Knows: The Life of a Police Officer’s Kid

Reasons I love Raising a Type A Kid

5 Life Skills I want my Kids to Know  

Moving Forward After Miscarriage

How I Drink a Cup of Coffee

Sustainable/organic living:

Reusable Containers: Budget and Eco Friendly

Berry Picking a Path to Self-Sufficiency


How to Tactfully Decline a Gift Exchange This Holiday Season 

Adopting the Minimalist Lifestyle: Drop the Digital Clutter

Having it All to Halving it All

Having a Minimalist Mindset and Learning to Let Things Go

If you are interested in hiring a freelance blogger or contract writer, for these or other topics, please reach out via the contact form below. I would love to discuss the possibility of becoming a regular contributor or a member of your team. Feel free to contact me to request more writing samples or if you have any questions.

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